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People-oriented, attaching importance to talents, taking "both virtue and talent are the first, and employing talents without seeking all-round talents" as the primary criterion, and possessing a unique set of human resources rules.
Bryan's talent outlook:
1. Positive ways of thinking:
Use positive thinking to find and solve problems. Be optimistic and positive.
2. Have a global view and overall thinking:
Thought has a high level and practical ability, which are indispensable. Thought has no high level and forward-looking, and can only be a solution to existing problems. Only headache doctor, foot pain doctor foot, no strategic value.
3. Clear goals and perseverance:
Result orientation, in fact, is to adopt reverse thinking, find working methods and ideas, and formulate corresponding measures. In short, it is to "do things well", to fulfill their duties and related work with due diligence and maximum value.
4. Dare to be responsible, dare to assume responsibility, and pay close attention to the implementation of:
What we need is a team that is united, accountable at all levels, grasping to the end and strong in execution.
5. Be down-to-earth, loyal and dedicated:
Don't complain, don't pass the buck, don't care, don't tangle, do things well conscientiously and responsibly!
6. High sense of responsibility and mission:
Every employee of Biyang should have a high sense of responsibility and mission, in order to advance bravely and succeed in the tide of market competition.
7. Be good at self-criticism:
Through self-criticism and self-iteration, we can improve our thinking, summarize our experience and promote our progress.


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