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Focused on product quality and oriented to customer’s requirements, Beyond has established sound quality management system, carrying out the quality trilogy of planning, controlling and improving. Beyond adheres to truth, excellence and progress based on advanced production equipment and strong technical force, taking strict production management and quality control as warranty.
Beyond possesses the standard production workshop at a national level: visualized and standardized production management processes are achieved by intelligent management methods; Products are selected after a rigorous evaluation process from raw material to package, ensuring control standards and traceability throughout the entire process from materials, process to finished products; The on-time delivery rate of materials from bases exceeds 95%, and the rate of electronic quality inspection reaches 100%.
Owning nationally leading test laboratory, Beyond absolutely meets the requirements of materials and product performance, which ensures the safety and reliability of clinical applications in different environment.  
Beyond is certified with ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, national GB/T29490-2013 and Grade- III of Work Safety Standardization.

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